Sounding Images #13: A Dog’s Night Song (Kutya éji dala, 1983)


A key film of the Southeast European and international avant-garde cinema introduced by Dr. Claus Löser

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 // 7:30pm // ACUD Studio



Hungary 1983 – 145 Minutes – Hungarian with German/ English subtitles – D: Gábor Bódy – C: Johanna Heer – M: László Vidovszky, Vágtázó Halottkémek, A. E. Bizottság – with Gábor Bódy, András Fekete, János Derzsi, Marietta Méhes, Attila Grandpierre, Gáspár Ferdinándy, Oliver Hirschbiegel, András Wahorn, Vera Baksa-Soós

…Gábor Bódy’s last film is a polyphonic epos, whose complexity cannot be described by simply retelling its content. The film narrates several stories at the same time.  Sometimes it follows one, sometimes another thread, rests shortly where they crossover and divert, only to head off in a new, unexpected direction. Even though the film has its crime and its jealousy plot, they unroll almost incidentally without demanding our full attention. Such a narrative story line “loses its claim to power” (Dietrich Kuhlbrodt). Minor details suddenly step into the foreground. The camera lingers on highly elaborate tableaus. Concert excerpts of the avant-garde punk band A. E. Bizottság (“Albert Einstein Committee”) and Vágtázó Halottkémek (“The Galloping Coroners”) are given a highlighted focus. Kutya éji dala is a film with extremely varying tempi that are continuously extended and contracted, and oscillate between micro- and macrocosmic structures. Above all it is a meditation on the “the thrownness of man”.



…born 1962 in Karl-Marx-Stadt (today: Chemnitz). A levels, army. Since 1980, producer of texts, music and films. 1990-1995 study at film school Potsdam-Babelsberg (diploma). Since 1990 responsible for programme of the “BrotfabrikKino” in Berlin. Since 1992 independent film critic (e.g. for taz, Berliner Zeitung, film-dienst). 1996 founder of the collection “ex.oriente-lux – Experimentalfilmarchiv Ost 1976 bis 1989” und editor of  the book “Gegenbilder – Filmische Subversion in der DDR”. 2009 curator of the film series “Winter adé – Filmische Vorboten der Wende” (Berlinale). 2009 documentary film “Behauptung des Raums – Wege unabhängiger Ausstellungskultur in der DDR” (with Jakobine Motz). 2015 documentary film „Ornament & Verbrechen“ (with Jakobine Motz). Curator and film critic; numerous publications, e.g. on underground and experimental film as well as producing film under totalitarian conditions; besides that he is active in committees, juries, professional associations and in teaching. Lives and works in Berlin.


Veteranenstr. 21
10119 Berlin

Doors: 7:30pm
Entrance: 4-6€